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Forensic Contract Auditing

Forensic Contract Auditing involves a both a physical and desktop audit. From Contract to Invoice, we review all cost inputs and identify any pricing errors or extraordinary profits. These audits also provide an insight into outsourced agreements and often highlight issues that are hidden from management, especially in “open book agreements”. Besides the vendor (prime contractor) we review the input (invoices) of the vendors that service the primary contractor.

Fraud / Mismanagement

Often as fallout of a thorough Forensic Contract Audit, we identify areas that appear to be fraudulent at worst, or at the very least, mismanagement. Our company can work through the process to limit any potential damage financially and operationally. This includes the people management component.

Category Defined Costing – CDC

Category Defined Costing are Categories that the price or base cost is transparent and only the margin or profit is negotiated. Good examples of CDC are: Labour Invoiced Rates and Fuel.

Contract Management

For ongoing contract compliance and review, ACX provides a Contract Management service. Contract Management is provided for significant mission critical vendors or when dealing with hostile (rogue) suppliers.


ACX provides: client generated, selective training modules tailored to meet any gaps identified through our assignment.

How We Do It

Working to often extraordinarily tight dead lines, we take a very aggressive approach in reaching our clients long-term objectives.

Rather than any formal, drawn-out and potentially bureaucratic Tender or RFQ process, significant savings we identify are through direct negotiation with incumbent suppliers.

Our experience as a Forensic Contract Auditors has also allowed us to quickly identify fraud or mismanagement, especially in long established agreements with Vendors that have a very good reputation.

Through: Forensic Contract Audits and Category Defined Costing, we can often avoid having to test the market in any given assignment. This strategy is important when incumbent Vendor insecurity may lead to operational issues.


Retail – Food, Cold Chain, General Merchandise

Distribution – Import, Wholesale, Retail, Business to Business

Property Management – Commercial, Industrial

Utilities – Generation, Network, Retail

Mining – Coal

Manufacturing – Glass, Plastics

Major Assignments / Clients

Utilities – AGL, GDF Suez

Manufacturing – Owens Illinoi, Sealed Air

Retail – Coles Ltd, Woolworths, Findus Foods

Education – University of Melbourne (first assignment)

What We Do

ACX Identifies the optimum commercial arrangement – we cut costs.

Through methodologies such as: Forensic Contract Auditing and Category Defined Costing, ACX we will not only provide the most efficient arrangement, but an ongoing Contract Management Strategy for all the vendors servicing your business.

Categories we focus on are either mission critical or within the top 10 spend (highest overall expenditure) by vendor.

This approach provides our client’s, the platform to accelerate their business growth by re-setting the bottom line cost base, improve operational standards and implement tighter controls and policies.


Categories such as: Travel, Fleet (vehicles), Stationery, and Multi Function Devices and Telecommunications. Some of these categories can be dealt with a good policy – that is also adhered to.


The Australian Commodities Exchange (ACX) was established in 1990 as an on-line (private network) Commodity Pricing and Material Sourcing business.

From wine grapes to building materials ACX was an early adopter of “online” business tools.

As our clients changed so did our focus and the importance of Strategic Sourcing, it became a significant driver in the ultimate destiny of the business.

ACX has now become one of Australia’s leading Forensic Contract Auditors specializing in identifying inefficiencies within Out – Sourced Agreements.

For over 25 years ACX has lead the way in: Strategic Sourcing, Contract Auditing and Vendor Management and established one of Australia’s most active procurement databases with a spend in excess of $7 Billion including 12,000 vendors.